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Plastic material printing material used using the printing industry are really decades old, with sun ink varnish of the type of popular plastic substrates over uv ink printing to finally the printer and printer ink factory new issues raised, the maximum The ask yourself is how to sun ink varnish firmly followed to the plastic substrate surface, that is, bond problems. HC screen Outstanding n network Plastic Ultra-violet films Print Of established sense in the artificial substrate surface coating ultra-violet uv ink print or to increasingly popular, and this may be a challenging task. Plastic making material used in any printing industry are many years old, the prevalence on varnish with uv ink, plastic substrates in heat ink printing to all printer and ink manufacturing area raised new issues, simply how much problem is how to successfully uv ink varnish therefore firmly adhered to a new plastic substrate surface, by which is, adhesion problems.

Plastic substrate surface stress Plastic printing, plastic substrates of the surface tightened feeling is the primary aspect to consider first. Many fake films have not always been before, the surface strain is very low, basically need to be Place Treatment To increase leading tension of plastic substrates, usually treated to make happen dyncm even higher. Typically, Moe of aesthetic manufacturers for plastic substrates were surface treatment, but yet treatment effect will soon enough be lost. On the exact printer, the connection carry out is the best in order to ensure the printing plastic-made printing surface tension is truly maintained in the reasonable range.

Corona discharge (oxidation) is the most popular treatment approach, preserving the earth . used in varying surface treatment behind plastic film, and does not damage those linked with temperature-sensitive plastic substrates. High frequency hollywood corona discharge and your frequency high-voltage discharge, on the elective surface treatment, to come to light activation, was porous, plastic film material to enhance bond of the toner to improve any film’s printability. To example: common delay an orgasm (PE) film because of corona discharge treatment, in the premature ejaculation generated molecular cycle carboxyl, carbonyl together with other unsaturated bonds. Ground after oxidation, to be certain pe molecules keen on polar molecules, an expansion of surface capability.

Usually, pe in the surface tension risen after treatment due to dyncm to as dyncm , this guidance increased pe uv ray ink varnish roll film on the wettability and adhesion, thereby enhancing the number of imprinting of specific firm. More Flames temperature of all the plastic products used by surface treatment, with the intention that plastic under temperature in an speedy to remove cooking surface oil and dissolve the surface top layer to enhance your being able to dwell; also make full use of chemical treatment, but rather that This methodology usually used put together with corona discharge consideration method, chemical treatment options using oxidants at first glance of polyolefin components processing, so the fact on the the surface of polar groups, to ensure the surface of your plastic substrates could be good profit uv ray printing ink varnish wet adherent.